Beacons Ultra Marathon – and beautiful scenery

I am going to attempt the Beacons Ultra Marathon in November. A 46 mile run around the Brecon Beacons with just a couple of huge hill. To prepare for this, I’ve done a few Very Long Runs recently, and explored more of the Brecon Beacons.  Here are some photos, firstly of the actual route, and then of a run I did a bit further West  confirming that the Brecon Beacons has the most spectacular landscape in the world.

We have more than 350 cottages in the area, but I’ll just mention a few…

It starts at Talybont, home to no fewer than 4 pubs, one shop, one canal, one river and 22 beautiful holiday cottages, ranging from little Kiwi cottage and Groves to the lovely Abercynafon, which you can see in the distance for a lot of the run above the reservoir.

The Brecon Beacons from our sideI joined the course close to my house at Cantref, where we have a selection of 13 lovely cottages – I think it goes straight past Old Crofftau or  Ann’s Barn.

DSC_0896Then, along the beautifully flat canal path, to Llangynidr (where we have 12 holiday cottages, perfect for spectators)

The Brecon BeaconsIt then goes up a steep hill, which would be perfect for sledging down, but is less pleasant to run up. Judy is having a rest at the (near) top in this photo.

And a not-brilliant panorama from the top. I thought it would be award winning or something, but it was so bright and sunny I couldn’t see the screen.

Panorama from the hill above Llangynidr

And then along the side of the Talybont Reservoir – pretty stunning, but I got a bit lost after taking a wrong turn above Talybont Reservoir and rather than going back to where I went wrong, I battled with the undergrowth.

Talybont Reservoir

After the reservoir, there was the climb up “The Gap” (between the moutains of Fan-y-Big and Cribyn) and then down the otherside, back to Cantref.  Exhausted… and that was only just over half what we’ll do in the actual race…

And last weekend, I did another long run a bit further West. I saw more wild horses than people! It was stunning, wild and empty!

Brecon Beacons West Looking towards PenyfanWild horses


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