A Photographer’s Insight: Baby Alpacas at Alpaca Cottage

Not long ago back at the beginning of the summer I was called out to a beautiful part of the Welsh landscape to a place not farm from Crickhowell or Hay-on-Wye. It’s actually in a pretty perfect location to get to Llangorse as well and is surrounded by rugged mountains; a wilder part of the beacons, yet retains all of the beautiful qualities of the Welsh countryside. This place was Alpaca Cottage, the reason I was called out, was to see the new cria (baby Alpaca) called Hercules, the pride of all is doting aunties and mother. (Read on to the bottom to find out our special offer for Alpaca Cottage!)

Alpaca Exterior Brecon Beacons-8843

Photograph:Alpaca Cottage Exterior

He was a typical little boy really, all gangly legs and arms with a long neck and fluttery eyelashes! Very curious, very shy and loved hiding behind others in the pack and then when you back was turns would come up and sniff my ear as I knelt to take a photograph of one of his relatives in a field full of buttercups! The alpaca fleece is actually like nothing I have ever felt before, it’s not as greasy as a sheep’s fleece and far softer! I can see why the wool is so highly sought after.

Baby Alpaca web-8806

Photograph: Hercules the cria and his aunty in the buttercup field

The combination of those beautiful, dark, cria eyes, the buttercups and his super cute sniffles in my ear made me really wish I could take him home, but not sure he would enjoy my small garden and terraced house as much as the green valley fields of the small holding.

It was a glorious day.

The owner Suzanne is also really friendly and accommodating and you can see she loved her small holding collection of interesting animals from Easter Egg hens, guinea pigs and the Alpacas. It was a great afternoon of exploring the black mountains, a part of our national park I don’t often get to go to despite growing up in the area.

I left Suzanne in the field, feeding her alpacas and spraying them with cool water on that hot summer’s afternoon while they played and bathed in the water trough (I didn’t know they were so social and intelligent).

Don’t miss out! Alpaca Cottage have a 10% off holidays taken between 19th Sept and 24th October this year! And since I went in the summer, she has had two more little ones come along! A great place for kids to experience the animals and for you to get away into the beautiful countryside.


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