Guest Blog | Alison Kidd | Eco- travel… even when it’s chilly!

We set up the Eco Travel Network two years ago because we wanted to offer Brecon Beacons visitors and residents a novel way of exploring the National Park that was fun, quiet and eco-friendly. Now everyone smiles and waves when they encounter one of our family of 11 electric Twizys whizzing silently along the lanes and hills or nipping around the streets of Brecon, Abergavenny and Hay

.Thumbs up for Twizy!

Tomos, Thierry and Tatyana are our local Twizys – you often spot them around the lanes of Talybont or even parked outside The Star Inn – whilst the crew refresh themselves with a pie and pint and the Twizy gets a top up electric charge from The Star Inn’s ever welcoming hosts.

But what about the cold and wet as winter comes on? Well you don’t get wet while you are driving along in a Twizy and a toasty coat and hat means you don’t really notice the cold either. Best of all, you can enjoy the autumn colours and smells and hear the rush of the streams and rivers in way that simply doesn’t happen in an enclosed car. You even get the odd leaf floating in and sticking to you!

The Eco Travel Network has been busy this year modifying a Twizy to give it a more rugged, rural look with bigger tyres and better suited to rough tracks and cattle grids. It will even carry a couple of bikes on the back! We’ve named the latest addition to the Twizy family ‘Toro’ (the bull) and, after a celebrity appearance at this year’s very muddy Hay Festival, we took Toro up to the Hebridean Isle of Eigg to see how well he might work there. They love him and Eigg is ideal for Twizys because the island has no mains electricity and generates all its own electricity from a mix of hydro, wind and sun so Toro is 100% green.

So, if you fancy trying a Twizy next time you visit us in the Brecon Beacons, just call up Brecon Cottages and they will book Tomos for you and show you places to go and interesting stopovers where you can get a top up charge for Tomos if he needs it. He probably won’t – he can do 40-50 miles on a charge. Twizys carry two people and have a top speed of 50mph. They can be charged from any 13amp plug and use 1/10th of the energy of a normal car.

And what next? The Eco Travel network has just ordered the Boma All Terrain electric wheelchair to add to its funky fleet next Spring. The Boma enables less mobile visitors or locals to accompany their friends and family on more challenging walks up hills and along horse or mountain bike trails. Watch this space for further information about the Boma’s availability through Brecon Cottages and the Eco Travel Network next year.SONY DSC

Follow Alison Kidd and her Twizy adventures on Twitter @ecofunkytravel


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