A trip to Usk Reservoir

If you’re looking for somewhere for a day trip, you could do worse than a visit to the Usk Reservoir.  

It’s stunning, surrounded by woodlands, the Black Mountain towering behind with a  lovely, family-friendly path all the way around it.

I cycled with Rosie on the back of the bike, and Stevie (who’s training for the Brecon Mountain Marathon) ran.  It’s supposed to be 8 miles around it, but it only showed up as 5.5 miles on the GPS.  It’s a great path, a bit undulating, but totally traffic free apart from a tiny bit which leads to the car park.

If you’re not into walking, running or cycling, Usk Reservoir is great for fishing, bird (lots of red kites around) and butterfly spotting (marsh fritillary butterflies are resident).

You could combine your visit with a trip to the Kite Feeding Centre at Llandeusant, Trecastle Antiques Centre, visit the village of Myddfai, or take a picnic and spend the day there.

Have a look at our cottages around the area . 

Cycling around Usk Reservoir   IMAG0334 (Medium)


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